You don't know how to spend the night under postural aspect. It is clear, however, that the body...
2020-11-20 19:16:21
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Sleep the night:

What are the accotes?

You don't know how to spend the night under postural aspect. It is clear, however, that the body is properly structured, even the posture in sleep will seek the most conferent alignment. We are often given a question that concerns the problem of the bed: what kind of mattress, if the springs or the axes, the pillow, etc.
For each of these topics there is a fluence of opinions and even economic interests.
For us the problem translates into the usual concept:
okay everything you need to be as properly aligned as possible, so that the body (connective, muscles, receptors, structure) can recover the right shape And the right relationship. provided that the fact that the correct alignment is first of all an intrinsic factor.
During the day, in any case in waking hours, the body is subject to the force of gravity and against the forces that rise from the ground.
lie down to sleep should also be interpreted as the opportunity to recover the correct alignment and as a remedy for the recovery of postural receptor messages.
in the clinostatic position (ie lying down) the action of gravity changes; It tends to push the body into the support plan and cooperate to alignment (friend gravity). The passive elastic structure realignes the parts of the body, the rest muscles stretch or shorten towards the normal position, the fabrics that contain them and recover a normal shape and a correct calibration. Now, everything would be simple if a postural education and from childhood so that the modifications are not congruous, occurred during the day, were only extemporaneous conditions and the real "model" was corresponding to the ideal model.
If the real model (of the subject) is altered, sleep will take off the extemporaneous deformations of the day. Persistent alterations of all fabrics and devices cannot resolve themselves with a short alignment, especially that, in this case, the correct alignment from bothering and causes pain.
therefore the subject, even sleeping, will choose the incorrect position, which does not give disturbance, insisting in "its" model and will produce at the end of the degenerations (arthrosis, tendovopathies, etc. and) that they will block the subject and will make it succubus Damage. If instead you will be implemented a re-education of the body diagram (at first conscious then spontaneous) with an elastic alignment of tissues and a correct calibration of receptors and postural patterns then, at any time, the body will tend to return to the correct posture.
Conclusion: re-educate, realigning, normalize.
This way the night will do what he has to do: recompose the disorders of the day.
and, in the end, to respond to the initial questions:
• The mattress is the support surface must be such as not to deform the body and allow the anatomical modulation of the same;
• The medium thickness cushion;
• Absence of visual and acoustic disturbing stimuli.

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