The tonic postural system is extremely complex, it intervenes in continuity: -For wash. -to sit....
2020-09-15 17:53:06
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The tonic postural system

Complexity and continuity

The tonic postural system is extremely complex, it intervenes in continuity:
-For wash.
-to sit. Keep at
-Stare seated.
oppose, to external forces.
Even in the movement: it prepares, contributes to its start-up, guides, balance, strengthens and serves as contrappoggio. It helps the work of the phasic fibers during the sforzo.non you can have phasic movement without putting into preliminary and simultaneous game of tonic system.
this complementary contribution of the system tonic to phasic muscles, could allow us to better understand the kinesiology tests which explore different aspects of functional responses through "energopositive" or "energonegative"; in fact, these reactions could simply depend on the activity facilitator or inhibiting of postural tonic system.
The representation dela posture as inverted triangles.
man fractionated can be represented by a set of different pendulums these pendulums are represented by inverted triangles.
level postural two opposite triangles depict a double inverted pendulum. The individual is suspended from a support arm through its bands that fit on the occiput (occipital bone) .the point of suspension is made from 'Atlas and the odontoid apophysis of c2, but can be extended to: occiput / atlas / Axis
the support arm constitutes the second pendulum reversed: the individual is suspended to the ground by means of his feet.
this mutual oscillation of the two inverted triangles, one in relation to the other, allows us to understand that the man is able to equilibrate in its same imbalance.
whatever the nature of the imbalance, the two points are always involved: that is, there exists both a C1 / C2 locking, both a locking occiput / C1 is always a certain degree of asymmetry breech.
In case of tonic imbalance two sides are always involved: the area occiput / atlas / Axis and the feet, since they are the suspension points of the two inverted pendulums.
overseas there is a particular set within the chiropractic culture, to manipulate and only the hinge zone C1 C2.
the question we must ask ourselves is whether this is sufficient, since the disorder of this area is in most cases and dative, and is a reflection of the imbalance of the tonic postural system and not the cause.

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