By occlusion is meant the way through which the lower teeth and the upper teeth fit perfectly...
2020-06-22 16:09:34
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What is meant by "occlusion"

By occlusion is meant the way through which the lower teeth and the upper teeth fit perfectly between them on the occasion of mastication and closing of the jaw. For posture instead it means the position of the body in space. Among the occlusion and posture exists a close relationship, in fact the transformations, static and dynamic, of the contact between the teeth of the two arches can determine an imbalance of the muscles and the body flanks.
For this reason malocclusion of teeth may be the cause or the result of poor posture that a therapeutic level can be improved more easily from childhood to adolescence, in order to prevent in adulthood dysfunctional and / or pathological .
Gnathology connected osteopathy find the best compromise between the functional purpose and the aesthetic.
occlusal pathologies can therefore affect the cranio-cervico-mandibular system determining postural imbalances. Up to when the subject is within the individual adaptability physiological limits, it will not dysfunction: the moment in which the adaptability is exhausted, the subject may meet a variety of disorders, such as:
∙ pains in the temporomandibular -mandibolare ∙ Dizziness Tinnitus ∙ ∙ ∙ Bruxism Headache Pain ∙ ∙ cervical muscle tensions in the jaw, neck, shoulders
So in the case where they exist the disorders listed above, a key is the cooperation between the dentist , a specialist in gnathology, and the osteopath.

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