Our performance affects the mouth fact a predominantly mouth breathing can adversely affect....
2020-04-09 10:44:18
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The mouth affects sports performance: the importance of the sports bite

And all the benefits brought

Our performance affects the mouth fact a predominantly mouth breathing can adversely affect. Several studies show the school children as those who breathe with his mouth travel less distance than those who breathe through the nose in the same span time, have a perception of increased fatigue and a slight decrease in oxygen saturation, even showing a reduced ability to exercise, then let alone in the race and in physical activity.
So asymmetries, very severe deviations between the mandible and maxilla and bad habits such as to lead to a kind of breathing like that should be investigated by a competent professional (gnathologist) for discriminating whether they can adversely affect physical activity .
We also have the great world of orofacial pain, then charged to the district face, mouth, head, headaches or recurrent pain after trauma, such as a result of whiplash. The pain felt by the person can lead to functional limitations, stopping or limiting so important to the sport.
And bite taken during the actual sports activities do they do?
Their first function is to protect from trauma. The dental-facial trauma are among the most frequent oro-facial trauma and some times they can be very painful and debilitating. It also protects from wear of the teeth, especially in those sports where we tend to tighten a lot, which is why associations such as the Association of American dentists, the Association of the US college athletic trainers and dentists specialized in sports they advise you to use.
Is it true that can help enhance physical performance and strength? There are many athletes who say they feel better, especially if you shake.
Studies are many, and different, for the type of sport, the physical condition of the athletes and of course the type of bite. These studies (preliminary, the search is continuing) indicate that athletes wearing the bite improves the breathing pattern, alveolar ventilation and have less load of work with the same effort, with the parameters that improve 2-9%!
The benefits cover both aerobic activity, strength, and anaerobic.
addition, recent studies seem to bite the wear are reduced lactate levels after 30 min of running on the treadmill of 22-23% and 50% of cortisol (stress Orome) are preliminary data, very interesting because of the window that opens on the athlete's recovery.
So with any type of mouth guard or bite I might have these benefits?
No, unfortunately not. The improvements seem to be determined by the position of the jaw (vertical and slightly anterior) and the tongue (front and bottom), which also have a role in amplitude of the cavities of the upper airway. These characteristics are influenced by the type of bite that you are wearing. So it needs an evaluation for the most suitable model for each subject, also depending of course on its morphological characteristics.
In addition it seems that even clenching may play a role on the effects and benefits described above.
Therefore they serve their own special design and materials to facilitate this function and not all those present in the market have these features. Finally
must be comfortable to wear, the person should not feel any particular tension, indeed the feeling must be comfortable, otherwise it is worn. All the more reason you need an individual assessment for the most suitable model.