Often visceral disorders and poor diet are related to muscle pain and column for various...
2020-04-09 10:54:31
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musculoskeletal pains, visceral disorders and poor diet

Correlations and solutions

Often visceral disorders and poor diet are related to muscle pain and column for various reasons, for example:

  1. The intestine close to the lumbar spine, in fact the intestine shares and is still firmly to the vertebrae of the lower back. If the bowel does not work well, because it is inflamed or constipated increase its volume which will crush the surrounding tissues, including the dorsal and lumbar muscles.
  2. The proximity of the stomach to the spine so that the stomach is strongly linked to the diaphragm and the muscles of the shoulder area, simply because they are "neighbors". If the stomach is always contract or inflamed, it can easily reflect this condition in the shoulder area (often the left, although it is not a rule).
  3. Dehydration, the muscles are made of 70% water, and if you do not drink enough body could draw water they need from the tissues that are richer in a particular way by their own muscles and obviously a dehydrated muscle is most painful.
  4. Poor nutrition, the vast majority of the foods that we use tends to increase inflammation in the body, as they are unnatural foods that require demanding chemical processes to be digested.
The most pro-inflammatory foods are especially refined grains (pasta, bread, pizza), more anti-inflammatories are fruits and vegetables.
So you can decrease your back pain and your joint pain taking care of the hydration and nutrition:
  • hydrated, you take on the 3-5% of water compared to your weight body
  • Minimize intake of grains
  • Increase fruit and vegetable consumption.
  • Fed omega 3 (oily fish and certain nuts) as their action on cycle oxygenase (cox) reduces inflammation.
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