And physical therapists? Speech therapists, and all health care workers who go to perform...
2020-04-06 11:39:22
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Physiotherapy at home at the time of the coronavirus

Talk to the association of Italian physiotherapists

And physical therapists? Speech therapists, and all health care workers who go to perform treatments at home? According to the information arrive by the Association of Italian physiotherapists in recent days in the choice of service to be provided and to avoid contagion "should be given priority to reducing the risk of spreading the virus," and therefore "it is only right to strongly consider to suspend or reschedule therapeutic access to the most vulnerable patients at risk. "
Non-urgent treatments should therefore be postponed as indeed happened with patients in centers where now the access is prohibited to operators. With the performance at home it is not going to like that. In Rome there is an ongoing protest by a group of professionals who are demanding the suspension by the ASL or at least part of the cooperative that owns. So far, there has been a rebound of responsibility but no one has had the courage to take responsibility to stop non-essential therapies so it goes on without any limitations other than that of the individual physical therapists who decide to autosospendersi losing money, and very often the 'assignment.
The protest of the Roman physiotherapists is the same as many operators as is clear from the words of Vincenzo Torrisi, regional representative of the provincial Orders TSRM PSTRP Region of Sicily: "It 'a problem that affects a wide range of professionals health, including physical therapists, speech therapists, psychiatric rehabilitation technicians, therapists neuro psychomotor developmental, orthoptists that together, through the representatives of the Commissions of Albo, represented to our coordinating the absence of specific guidance in terms of prevention, containment and epidemiological emergency management COVID-2019 in the home care, also in view of the latest provisions of Prime Ministerial Decree of 03/09/2020 ".
"In fact this deficiency - wrote in a note Torrisi - it revealed both by government documents from those produced by the health directorates of the Health of the Regional Health Service and accredited facilities, despite the type of service it is very represented in the region. It should be noted that the home rehabilitation, provided both ADI and through the former Article rehabilitation centers 26, concerns a care setting that requires specific indications as characterized by closely professional with the patient and, inevitably, with family members forming part of the household.
In some cases it seems you also add the lack of or insufficient allocation of personal protective equipment, to ensure both professional and patients and family members. It seems useful, therefore, to provide the supplementary contribution following which proposed measures to be taken to the home setting. In the case of treatment at home, in the absence of specific references and normative indications or special dedicated procedures, it is hoped that, in addition to general indications already produced, the following can also be given:
- Making the revaluation of load outlets (eg. telephone triage and contacts with the caregiver) ensuring the lit home only to patients in whom the surgery can not be performed by a properly trained caregiver and for which the services to be found not deferrable and not waived. Similar procedures are to be adopted for new taken over.
- Ensure during telephone triage the presence or absence among the members of the family of specific symptoms (respiratory disorders, cough, fever over 37.5 °, and symptoms similar to flu). In the presence of such symptoms, recommend strongly to stay at his home by limiting the maximum social contacts and in case of persistence communicate contact the general practitioner (or pediatrician Free Choice) and the ASP providing pointers to about.
- Check at the triage and home care if someone accesses the recently has been present in so-called "red zones" of the regions most affected or has had contact with people from these areas and in which case communication contact MMG / PLS and the ASP will provide guidance on this point.
- While under house access to make use of protective equipment and procedures regarding hand hygiene and environments, dell'apposita of disposable gloves and protective mask.
- except in cases not deferrable and non-derogable, prevent access at the address of patients in isolation at home or living with people in isolation at home. The same difficulties also cover outpatient deans of FKT and outpatient activities and semi-structures of the former art. 26, clinics and private practice; In fact, while all the outpatient departments of public health agencies have suspended outpatient activities, subject to the short performance and urgent, such centers are functioning normally and open to the public, with the likelihood of increased working to meet the non-paid health benefits by regional ASP. For these outpatient facilities, it would be a circular region that guarantees them the same kind of organization of public facilities.